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How to create a luxurious and timeless bathroom

Updated: May 24, 2023

If you've been looking at that daggy old bathroom for too long now and the time is finally coming to give it a refresh, keep in mind that timeless design doesn't mean boring design!

While there are trends that will certainly come and go faster than you can say "retro pink spa bath with carpet" that doesn't mean that you need to go the opposite way and make everything plain white walls with grey 300x300 floor tiles.

It will likely never become as offensive as your Nanna's lime green bathroom from 1965, but chances are it's not going to give you the warm fuzzies either. Your bathroom should be a space that is both tranquil and inspiring - it is where our best thinking is done after all!

If you'd like to create a bathroom that is both luxurious and timeless, it's all about SUBTLETY and TEXTURE.

- Remember, you don't need to use large, plain white tiles to create a neutral space.

- Minimise the colour contrast in your space. Keep it calming and neutral.

- Use a large tile with minimal surface pattern to avoid the obvious look of tile joins (such as those seen in Carrera or Calacutta marble look tiles). This marble look is better suited to large single surfaces such as benchtops.

- Select tiles with rectified edge (square edge, very narrow grout line) rather than cushion edge for more subtle grout joins.

- Consider using a very light grey or neutral tile or micro-cement surface for your floor AND walls. Subtle terrazzo or stone-look tiles are perfect. The softer colour and absence of strong contrast creates a peaceful feel.

- If you like the idea of a feature wall, we recommend running your floor tile up all three walls then introducing a feature surface to your fourth wall rather than using the floor tile on a feature wall.

- Perhaps introduce a textural element with a feature tile in a similar neutral colour but with a unique texture in a small section, such as above the vanity or above a shower ledge.

This could be a surface change like a zellige tile, a material change like natural stone, a size change like a kitkat tile, or a pattern change such as herringbone lay.

- Introduce features and pops of contrast without dominating the space by using brushed brass or black hardware / tapware rather than coloured feature tiles.

- A vanity is a great opportunity to introduce texture, be it timber, white or coloured.

- Use lighting to enhance mood. A Velux skylight over the shower will always be a winner, and we love a small wall sconce next to the vanity mirror to give a softer, warmer glow in the evening than backlit mirrors.

- Create a minimal look along surfaces by using strip drains and full width shower ledges.

So there you go, you're all set to create a luxurious day-spa feel at home that you can love for years to come! It's all about subtlety and texture.

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