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10 Reasons FOR a Phased Approach to Your Renovation

With interest rates putting many families’ dream home renovation on hold, now is a good time to consider a phased approach to transforming and renovating your home.

Approaching your renovation one area at a time provides many benefits that can see you maximising your home lifestyle and enjoyment sooner. Here’s 10 reasons why you should consider a phased approach to your renovation.

A phased approach to renovation: coastal style dining room and study renovation with dark blue barn door.
This living area was Part 1 of a phased renovation that provided a significant lifestyle improvement for a small cost.

1. You can still make Progress, Even if you can't afford your whole reno right now.

If interest rates are squeezing your budget and it won’t quite spread to your whole dream renovation right now, you don’t have to park your dreams - you can still make progress.

We are no fans of the limbo that comes from living in a space that is tired and outdated and just doesn’t work for your family. It’s nice to know that even if you need to scale down your plans, you can still make progress towards your overall plan by tackling the most important improvements now.

2. You can enjoy the benefits of your incremental changes more quickly.

A full renovation may take a year from when you start planning to when you move into your completed home, but an outdoor living and deck addition, a kitchen or a master bedroom + ensuite renovation? You’re talking a matter of weeks before you’ll be revelling in your beautiful new space!

3. A phased renovation can have a huge impact on your lifestyle for only a fraction of the cost.

Start by addressing your most significant pain points of your home or the areas that will make the biggest difference to your lifestyle right now. That may be areas you spend a lot of time in, areas that are under-utilised, or areas that really drive you crazy! Investing in these areas – such as an outdoor deck, or custom storage under your stairs - will only cost a small fraction of your home’s total value, but can make an enormous difference to your lifestyle, the way you socialise and the value you get from your home.

This strategic approach ensures that your renovation investment aligns with areas that bring you the most joy and utility.

4. If you have small children, it can maximise the amount of time you enjoy family life while your home is at its best.

You want to have your home fit-for-purpose and meeting your family’s needs as quickly as possible to maximise the amount of time your children get to experience your home at its best. 5-6 years isn’t forever for us to wait as adults, but for a child that’s a third of their childhood! As they grow and their needs change, you'll have the satisfaction of witnessing their childhood within the backdrop of a well-functioning and aesthetically pleasing home, creating memories within a space that brings your family joy.

5. A phased approach can make it more comfortable and practical to live in your home throughout the renovation, making it more economical and convenient.

It’s no secret that one of the challenges of a major renovation is that you often need to move out of home. If you’re just renovating one space though, it becomes a lot more plausible to continue to live at home throughout. This saves money and inconvenience moving out, and also means that if you do eventually tackle a larger part of your renovation such as a second storey addition that requires moving out, if the rest of your home is already updated you’ll be completed much quicker.

6. You have the luxury of taking more time with your design decisions.

Renovating your home can be a whirlwind of design decisions, and the phased approach provides a welcome relief from the pressure of making all those choices at once. By focusing on one aspect at a time, you have the freedom to take your time designing the finer details. This deliberate pace allows you to fully appreciate each stage of your home's transformation and ensure that every design decision is carefully considered. From paint colours to fixtures, you can relish the process of crafting your home's unique personality.

Outdoor kitchen and living area with sink, BBQ, wood fire oven and dining table.
Our Kirrawee clients tackled the back part of their home first, allowing budget for more premium finishes.

7. You are more readily able to splurge on some special features and create spaces you really love when your budget isn’t trying to span so many areas.

Once you get started planning your renovation, we guarantee you’re going to come across all kinds of new ideas and finishes that get you feeling all inspired! The nice thing about taking on your renovation in parts is that it’s a bit easier to splurge on those special tiles or vanity, or to upgrade the barbeque or add some feature stone to create spaces that you really love!

8. A phased approach to renovation allows you to really appreciate each improvement to your home and the difference it makes to your lifestyle.

Sure, when you do a whole house renovation it’s a pretty amazing feeling when you move in. But it’s also pretty amazing when you’re new deck and outdoor living area is finished – that excitement sticks around for a while. And if you then do your master suite and ensuite? That excitement sticks around too. In fact, you’ll always have something that feels new and exciting as well as something to plan and look forward to when you tackle your renovation in stages.

Green shaker style kitchen renovation in Bonnet Bay
Starting with the kitchen and bathroom made the biggest lifestyle difference to our Bonnet Bay I clients.

9. Financial Recovery Between Phases

Undertaking a large-scale renovation all at once can be a strain on your finances. However, a phased approach offers a valuable buffer – the ability to recover financially between phases. By breaking down your renovation plans into manageable segments, you create opportunities for financial recuperation, allowing you to adapt to changes in your economic circumstances or interest rates. This financial breather provides peace of mind and empowers you to make informed decisions at every stage of your renovation journey.

10. You have the opportunity to refine your design plans over time as you complete each stage.

Renovating is always a learning experience and you may find there are little things you’d do differently a second time around. In a phased approach, you have a second time around! It can be hard to visualise your whole renovation all at once, starting with the home you have now. While you’re phasing your roll out it’s easier to visualise the next step and assess whether you need any tweaks to your design.

So if you're tired of living in a home that isn't working for your family, but you're not quite ready to dive in and do the whole thing now, there's no need to wait!

Speak to us about how we can help you stage or phase your renovation to inject some extra joy and functionality into your space as soon as possible.

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